Wednesday, April 22, 2020

New rules for the tourists in Greece in the situation of COVID-19

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COVID-19 in Greece

Indeed, major newspapers and news websites have praised Greece for the way it is dealing  with the deadly virus and the low figures of cases and deaths recorded. It is especially impressive because the country is now only now emerging from a crippling 10-year-long economic crisis.

On April 10 Bloomberg ran an op-ed with the title “Greece Shows How to Handle the Crisis”. The article notes the immediate and bold response of the Greek government to the coronavirus threat, saying “Athens closed down all non-essential shops only four days after reporting its first Covid-19 death. In contrast, Italy and Spain did so after 18 and 30 days, respectively. A ban on non-essential movement in Greece came only a week afterward — faster than in either of the other two countries.”

The Greece’s Minister of Tourism Harry Theocharis said that Greek authorities are mulling the introduction of a ”Health Passport” which will serve as proof that an individual is not suffering from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Is it safe in Greece?

On April 1, a plane from China delivered 250,000 protective masks, 125,000 protective uniforms and tens of thousands of pieces of protective gear. Others have arrived from the United Arab Emirates. 

Private and public companies as well as business associations have chipped in with more than 10 million euros for the purchase of ventilators, intensive care beds and other equipment. The Greek parliament has also offered to cover the cost of 50 new ICU beds to be installed at Sotiria hospital.

PM Mitsotakis said in parliament there are 3,400 hospital beds and 870 ICU beds available to use against the COVID-19 epidemic and that nursing staff numbers was increased.

Come in Greece and boost your immune system

Boosting your immune system is one of the best things you can do because it is your body's key defense when it comes to fighting a virus. Even if you are exposed to a virus, the coronavirus or others, if your immune system is strong, you have a better chance of not getting sick. Vitamin C is a popular choice for supporting immunity, but another key nutrient for your immune system is vitamin D. Once thought as the vitamin for strong bones, vitamin D actually does a lot more for your body -- including support your immune system. 

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Give your body fresh food

Greece is known for its fresh foods rich in fiber, omega 3s, vitamins and minerals. This is perhaps the best place to enjoy your relaxing vacation and eat well at good prices.

The areaof Halkidki

Halkidiki is one of the quietest and most relaxing areas in Greece. Where thousands of beaches offer privacy for everyone away from the crowds and city beaches. This is one of the few places in Europe which can offer holiday homes on the beach at affordable prices. 

Halkidiki also offers luxury properties that are in beautiful and secret locations, away from everything with a frequent beach which is accessible only by guests of the villa.