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Private cruises Halkidiki Sporades complex Greece

Private yacht cruises Halkidiki Sporades complex

Welcome to our yachting services in Halkidiki Greece by We are happy to introduce our new yachting private cruise offers in Halkidiki and Sporades. Enjoy a 7 days excursion with our sailing or Catamaran yachts starting from Halkidiki to Sporades complex (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos). This is an amazing alternative experience for guests who wish to explore the magic of the Aegean sea and special activities on board as (dolphin observations, horse riding on the beach, swimming in stunning secret gulfs of Sporades island, snorkeling, diving, gastronomy, visiting secret island spots, sea sports, cooking fish food on board, star watching, Ouzo time and more. For details please check our information. 
Maximum guests for sailing yacht: 6 guests.
Maximum guests for Catamaran: 10 guests. 

Routes: Catamaran offers daily private cruise to Kassandra or Sithonia or weekly charting from Halkidiki to Sporades complex (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos) The yacht is also available for multi day charter and weekends. 

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Day 1

We welcome you at 14:00, and after the necessary safety exhibition we depart from Halkidiki to Skopelos. During the trip, our experienced skipper will teach you all the basics of sailing. Be ready to learn how to tie a knot, adjust the sails, and steer. As for the rest of the day, you can be the Captain!

After an 8-hour trip, we arrive at a picturesque harbor and take our time to relax and enjoy cold drinks in one of the many secluded bars and cafés hidden in narrow alleyways.
You’ve earned it! (50NM, 8h)

Day 2

Our first breakfast will be a traditional cheese pie from Skopelos and Greek coffee – an absolute must! After that, we sail to Kastri and the church of Ag. Ioannis, the place where
the movie “Mama Mia” was produced. There we walk up to the rock where the church is built and we will also have time for swimming. The view from up there is astonishing as one
can gaze all that endless blue! 

We explore all the north-west coastline of Skopelos and after a few stops at beautiful beaches for swimming and snorkeling, we end the day in the unique natural port of
Panormos. The scent from the trees and the calmness of the surroundings make this place the ideal spot to spend our night. (17 NM, 3h)

Day 3

A refreshing dive will awake us in the best way to start the day! What follows is a paddleboard (SUP) lesson and an excursion provided by the great team of Sporades Sup. They will lead us through narrow passages, between rocks and caves, all the way to the hidden gems of the region waiting to be discovered!

After that, we visit an isolated small bay, in the south-end of the island to relax and swim. We spend the night in the small fishing village of Agnontas – fresh fish dishes await! Let yourself enjoy a cold glass of ouzo along with fish delicacies and share stories with the team. It’s bonding time!

Day 4

The best way to wake up is to take a dive! Take a leap of faith and enjoy your morning coffee like never before… So, with everyone on board with the idea, we will have our first stop for a quick dive at Stafylos beach and then it’s time to visit our second island, Alonissos. In order to make your trip ‘‘once in a lifetime’’ we came in terms with the non-profit, non - governmental organization MOm, to participate at the innovative research project for evaluating the conservation status of Cetacean (i.e., dolphins and whales) populations in the wider area of the National Marine Park of Alonnisos in Northern Sporades (NMPANS). The specialized scientist of MOm will join us on board for a scientific guided tour during which, the life, behavior and problems of those magnificent mammals will be presented in details. As a result, you will get the chance to witness and photograph some of the most
fascinating wildlife in the Aegean Archipelago, visit unique locations and come across amazing landscapes and breathtaking sceneries!

The day will continue with more nature around the islands, combined with swimming, snorkeling and hiking as we will approach the small island of fishermen, called Peristera
(Dove). There we visit the famous shipwreck and enjoy the sunset before we spend the night in Vasilikos, a colorful, quiet bay and the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine and the “Sailor’s Pasta”, prepared from our Skipper! (15NM, 2h)

Day 5

By now you’ve gotten the hang of this, so let’s have our refreshing dive and breakfast before visiting Adelfia (brothers) islands, a pair of uninhabited islands with crystal
clear waters. If we meet any fishermen nearby, we treat ourselves to fresh fish on board and share a cold beer with them (or a couple)! It’s time for some civilization again so we take the route to the capital of Alonissos, Patitiri and there we have a chance to visit the stone Pirates’ Museum in Patitiri, the only museum with the history of pirates in the Aegean Sea. Learn the history of the Aegean Sea through the centuries as you walk between canons of old ships and traditional clothes of those times.

In the evening we visit Hora, a traditional and colorful village on the top of the island with a great view and a spectacular sunset. Grilled wild-goat is highly recommended unless you
prefer some of the other special dishes available. (12NM, 2h)

Day 6

After breakfast, we sail north, up to the last island of our Udyssea, called Kyra Panagia. We have a quick dive and go snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Ag. Petros, and afterwards we will visit the Monastery of Ag. Antonios. It’s the sole sanctuary on the island, built-in 8th century AD and thus has a very long and significant history. After walking up the hill while enjoying the view we learn all about the monastery and the island from the only monk living there. He welcomes us with local products and shows us his rich garden and the old-stone olive oil mill. Let your mind wander through the history of those walls as you feel the cool breeze and the holiness surrounding this sacred place. It will be a time-travelling experience…

We end the day with serenity, in the quietest bay of the Aegean in the northern part of the island, called Planitis (planet). After sunset you will understand how it got its name as at night you will clearly the milky way in the sky. As our skipper describes the constellations above, you become one with the universe. Highly recommended: Find a nice spot and
sleep outside onboard, it will be an experience of a lifetime! (20NM, 3h)

Day 7

Ultimately, we have to return to our “Ithaka”, so after a light breakfast, we start our 7-hour way back to Halkidiki. By this point, you’ll know the ropes well so take over and sail away!
Give commands to the crew, set the route and take the boat to the final destination. The sunset, as our Udyssea comes to an end, will highlight the feelings we share on our last night
on board. (40NM, 6h).

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Шеф - готвач с три звезди Мишлен готви в Халкидики

През 1900 г. по пътищата на Франция сe движат едва 3000 коли, и първоначалната идея на братята Едуард и Андре Мишлен е била да стимулират пътуванията извън града за равлечение, като създават ръководство за най-добрите ресторанти по райони. Същата година са разспространени над 35 000 копия на френските шофьори. 

Тази "пътеводител" на добрите ресторанти става толкова популярен, че днес, век след създаването му любителите на гастрономията резервират месеци напред и пътуват до далечни места, подтикнати от желанието си да опитат храна приготвена лично от световни известни шеф-готвачи, наградени с една или повече "Мишлен" звезди. 

Цените на ресторантите с "Мишлен" звезда са доста високи, и понякога клиентите остават малко разочаровани, тъй като очакват лукс и превъзходно обслужване. Но едиственото нещо, което следят анонимни инспектори е качеството на храната. Те винаги са под прикритие и не ги интересува нито локацията, нито инвестициите в интериора, нито стила на обслужването.

Тази година Сани Астериас в Халкидики с гордост обявяви сътрудничество си с Мауро Колагреко, готвач с три звезди Мишлен. Аржентинецът с инталианско потекло притежава ресторант Mirazur в Ментон, който през 2019 г. спечели първо място в списъка на 50-те най-добри ресторанта в света.

Мауро започва обучението си в училището Gato Dumas в Буенос Айрес, където работи в най-престижните ресторанти на града, сред които Catalinas, Rey Castro, Mariani и Azul Profundo.

През 2001 г. младият готвач, който току-що е завършил училище заминава за Франция и получава първи стаж с Bernard Loiseau, а след това той работи в Париж и заема длъжности като готвач в кухнята на Ален Пасар в Arpège, с Alain Ducasse в Hôtel Plaza Athénée, а по-късно прекарва една година в Grand Véfour. 

През 2006 г. Мауро Колагреко се установява в Ментон, като съзвада своя ресторант в сграда от 1950-те. И само за по-малко от година, той получи първата звезда на Мишлен. През 2009 г. Mirazur официално се превърна в един от най-добрите ресторанти в света, включен в списъка на най-добрия ресторант S.Pellegrino best 50. 

Главен готвач Мауро Колагреко бе удостоен с титлата "Готвач на годината" за 2019 г. получи третата си звезда от Мишлен.

Ресторант Water, където този летен сезон готви Мауро Колагреко е с уникалното меню - средиземноморска и френска кухня, която е с внимателно селектирани вкусове за най-претенциозните им гости. Всички ястия са перфектно съчетани с гурме вино от Гърция и цял ​​свят.

Местоположение Сани Астериас, Халкидики. Меню