Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Τhe secret grief of the French sommelier

On the label is wriiten: Ieris Oinos, bottling 2017. The area is "Xiropotamos" of Ierissos Halkidiki. This place "sees" on one side the Gulf of Akanthi and on the other Mount Athos and the Gulf of Mount Athos, in Halkidiki - Greece.

"The orders have been arriving for this wine even from Frence," Angelos Zamanis, the manager of the Agrovision winery, which produces it.

At first glance, the orders of the French tasters raise the question as they ask to buy a Greek wine produced from the most famous French varieties - Cabernet Sayvigion and Merlot, when they even know that the bottle of their order will arrive at their table after in June 2022.

The reason for this ... sudden desire of the French somelier is not to try how they yield two French wine varieties in Greek soils but (mainly) "to taste a special wine that has the peculiarity of staying at the bottom for 12 months of the sea, at the gates of Mount Athos, in the sea area between Ouranoupolis and Amouliani ".

Hundreds of bottles of "Ieris" wine (its name comes from the first five letters of Ierissos), along with a small number of bottles of rosé "Amouliani", of the same winery, have been immersed in recent months in three different parts of the sea area. between Ouranoupolis- Amouliani- borders of Mount Athos, being the first submarine cellar of Halkidiki and the North Aegean.

"This is the first time that such a thing is attempted," says Mr. Zamanis, explaining that the underwater cellar is on three levels and concerns the depth of the waters. The first, with a relatively small number of bottles, is located on a reef between Amouliani and Ouranoupolis, at a depth of 4 meters. On this reef, bottles of wine are visible to all tourists who choose to tour the beaches of Ouranoupoli and Amouliani with the special boat that has a glass bottom (glass bottom). 

At the second point (and the most visited) more bottles have been sunk in an iron cage, about 100 meters from the shore of Tripiti and at a depth of 9 meters. In this, a few days ago, two divers ... pulled some bottles from the bottom to present the contents of the wine cellar to the journalists who participated in the fam trip for Halkidiki gastronomy organized by the Halkidiki Chamber within the 1st Taste Halkidiki.

This point is the joy of amateur divers as the underwater cellar is located near the remains of the sunken ancient Amouliani and offers an excellent diving experience. For the supervision of the point, the winery cooperates with the Diving Center of Ouranoupolis but also with other bodies in the area that participate in diving tourism activities.

The largest number of bottles is located at a depth of about 20 meters to the sea gate of Mount Athos and is not accurately identified by the winery managers for obvious reasons. The proximity of the production to the area of ​​Mount Athos and the safekeeping of Ieris at sea, are considered to be the main reasons that enticed the French to order it. The rest may be related to storage temperature and aging conditions.

"We know the aging conditions of the wine in the cellar. Even a little bit of oxygen passes into a wine and it has an effect. In the submarine cellar we will see in the water and in the mild conditions of lack of oxygen how much the way of aging the wine changes "points out Mr. Zamanis.

The "answers" from the sea will come in 9 months anyway. In June 2022, the 12 months will have passed since the day the Ieris "lay down" on the seabed of Halkidiki and will be retrieved to travel within the country, in France and wherever else requested. From now on, however, winemakers are optimistic that the tastings of sea wines will lead the lovers of special wines, to new paths of taste

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Friday, June 18, 2021

How we choose our properties

Halkidiki Villa

In our business, the business of relaxation and happiness, the Agean beautiful sea stories has a lot to tell. 

The first thing we do when inspecting any property is the feeling it creates, which inviting us to enjoy it. Very often this emotion is recreated and transmitted through the vibrations, ideas and emotions of the property owner. 

We choose the properties according to the vibrations ... Always! Because Greece is unique as a feeling, and this should be added to your vacation. That is why our site publishes only 5% of the requested properties, which are sent to us annually

Mediterranean air blows...
It smells like summer here...
Here the sun sets more exciting...
There is a Greek way of life ...

halkidiki villa rental

Holidays should always be associated with good emotions, beautiful memories, and add value to our moments spent with loved ones, our children, our close friends.

When we first arrived at Villa Sunset, we went through the winding roads leading to its olive grove, and first we get inspired by the view and the aroma of the place.

Villa Sunset Greece

We met the owner Dimitris - young, energetic, full of ideas, who immediately won us over with his hospitality.

We admit that the villa Sunset carries his philosophies from its entrance. Water! Small water canals, which are borrowed from ancient Greece, surround the entrance of the villa. This is a very very old tradition - The Urban Water Management in Ancient Greece.

Villa Sunset Halkidiki

It is no coincidence that this villa is called Sunset. Its views of all sunsets are amazing. It is no coincidence that this was achieved thanks to the architect of the villa, who every morning and evening studied the physical laws to choose the best position of the property.

The villa has 3 separate bedrooms, 2 of which on the first level, with private entrance with entrance code, modern bathrooms, created with the latest technology. The third bedroom is upstairs, with direct access to the jacuzzi and the terrace with amazing views. All three bedrooms have huge windows and have a direct connection with nature and the feeling of freedom and spaciousness.

A swimming pool, a summer kitchen with a shed, reminiscent of a Spanish awning, a barbecue, a gym, a sauna and a Turkish bath, two more bedrooms in the basement of the staff villa and a kitchenette are additional extras for greater comfort of the property guests.

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Direct access to the beach. This villa stands on top of a cliff, and has its own privacy  and at the same time has direct access to a beautiful sandy beach.

Last availible dates

  • June: 19-30
  • July: 1-10 & 17-24
  • August: 30-31
  • September: 1-17 & 27-30
  • October: available
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