Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Luxury Cruises in Chalkidiki - enjoy the freedom

The famous Vourvourou, in Sithonia Chalkidiki, is our base. The area is one of the most striking in Greece, with natural beauty and unspoiled overall environment.   Having a tremendous knowledge and experience on boating, we put you on the captain’ s seat and give you the best package of service to make sure you have the best day of your summer. Or, we do the captain for you and, take you much further out, to live the experience of sea and nature in a more private way.  

Either way, we want to make you a boat lover.

  Explore Vourvourou, Diaporos island and Lagonisi on your own, by renting a boat without the need of a license. Charter a crewed boat to discover, besides Vourvourou, Ammouliani island, Armenistis, Kavourotripes, Sykia, isolated beaches all along East Sithonia or, Mount Athos monasteries. Take the big shot, going for an open sea game fishing or, a day trip to Alonnisos for a swim and lobster pasta. With LuxurySportsCruise, you have the most options.

We are longtime Boating enthusiasts. For decades, every summer we have been doing just that. Spending days on a boat, experiencing the unique feelings of privacy, independency, bonding with family and friends. Enjoying the beauty of blue waters and golden sandy beaches, with a worry-free attitude.  These feelings make you feel the Luxury of life. Also, going far out for fishing or, racing with our friends out on the big waves and bring adrenaline up. That is the Sport part of life.

We put it all together and call it Luxury Sport Cruise.