Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Northern Greece's best kept secrets: Irene's Resort

Welcome where nature, the dense vegetation, trees, canyons and clear Azure waters become one with the modern comfort and traditional hospitality, thus creating a unique atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation, unrepeatable sense of wellness and an absolute emotional uplift! In Irene’s Resort we stop time and take you to a dream world of absolute peace and tranquility, with the seductive comfort and timeless elegance as a background and horizon the serenity of your mind!

Within walking distance from the famous Baths of Aridaia (Pozar Baths), on the edge of the village, where nature begins to dense, and an unprecedented dance of trees and vegetation unfolds, where a sea of green enraptures the senses and calms the mind, lies the new, fully equipped with all modern comforts and hotel standards, Irene’s Resort.

The unique Austrian architectural facilities of the hotel with clean-cut, high aesthetic and concurrently traditional lines, white color is combined with wooden furniture that dominate the whole space, but also the particular unique location in the heart of the nature creates a unique dreamlike environment where serenity, tranquility, relaxation and comfort create and reinforce the absolute sense of peace and Pleasure!

The wood paneling throughout, fireplaces, the total harmonized with nature colors and the warm and cozy atmosphere in each room and each suite create a refined sense of traditional, home hospitality comfort.

All rooms and suites offer you generously all the luxurious comforts that make you feel each moment of your stay an unforgettable relaxation and wellness, inside and outside the hotel!
loutra pozar
The baths of Loutraki Aridaia or Pozar Baths  built within a lush forest of unsurpassed beauty constitute a uniquely beautiful and inspirational destination, a paradise vacation inside nature, under the big old trees and in crystal clear waters that calms the mind, relaxes the senses and makes you feel like Roman Emperors!

 Entering the village of Aridaia you encounter traditional cozy houses, inextricably tied to the magic of the surrounding nature, you continue to the hot springs, following the rich vegetation that becomes more dense as you move along, until the thermal baths receive and welcome you in a unique dance of crystal waters, waterfalls, fonts, indoor and outdoor pools,  transforming you into a piece of nature!

Living a dream, enjoying the catalytic sense of calm and relaxation of the thermal waters that springs from the depths of the earth for thousands of years, with unique healing properties and you have at your disposal a variety of enjoyment selections from the outdoor pools in nature to individual baths for you and your group, fully organized and shaped indoor pools, steam room and jacuzzi in closed facilities with special design that creates one more natural element of beauty and serenity. The incomparable beauty of nature and Baths gives, along with the sense of calm, a variety of possibilities for sports activities fans and a unique opportunity for walks in nature, walking and hiking trails, climbing and a variety of other options. The baths of Pozar, located into the green unique in perfection and vegetation nature, constitute a great miracle, a unique destination of tranquility, relaxation and treatment because of the thermal hot waters, but also an experience that you will never forget!

Do not miss to visit the Black Forest on the slopes of Mount Vora. An enchanting landscape of dense vegetation and towering pine trees, a heavenly place of exploration made out of fairy tales worth discovering! Feel free to ask any information at the reception of our hotel.

Black Forest 

 Irene's Resort offers all relevant information and the ability of reservation in  Pozar Baths in order to make your stay and your short gateways  in the surrounding areas  an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience!

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