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Thessaloniki in autumn: the perfect break!

Thessaloniki – high blue skies, warm sunshine, a place where the locals will meet, enjoy their coffee or food across the sea. It’s one of the liveliest cities in Europe, crowded with coffee shops and restaurants but also the favorite place for shopping and city tours in the Balkans. 

This city is ideal for putting on comfortable shoes and simply sightseeing. There is so much to look at, an ancient place  bearing the marks of its history and its cosmopolitan character, which give it a special beauty and charm.

Spend the morning…

Start with Aristotelous Square, the city’s most central square boasting monumental mansions. It is one of the biggest and most impressive squares in Greece offering a view of Thermaikos Gulf. Under clear skies, you can see the Olympus massif in the far distance from the Square.

Stroll down Nikis Avenue across the seafront, extending from the city’s Port (to the W) up to the Statue of Alexander the Great (in the E), lined with many cafés, bars and stores. It is one of the most popular promenade areas for locals and visitors alike.

The White Tower (Lefkos Pyrgos) is the city's landmark.The 33.9 m. high fortified cylinder tower measuring 22.7 m. in diameter was built under Suleiman I the Magnificent in the 16th century. It was part of the city’s fortification and was later used by the Turks as a place of execution (it was called Kanli Kasteli which means "tower of blood"). It goes by its current name since the 19th century. Inside the Tower, there is an exhibition on Thessaloniki' s history, from its establishment until 1922. 

Have lunch…

Ladadika is one of the most popular areas in the city of Thessaloniki. In fact the locals call it "the heart of entertainment" . The area is next to the port of the city, in the historic center. Its name was taken from the Greek word oil because in the past there were many shops trading olive oil here.

Why you should visit it?
Today in this area there are many restaurants, cafés and bars, open till dawn.
Ladadika is one of the liveliest areas of Thessaloniki with visitors of all ages. A stroll through its small narrow streets is highly recommended!

Spend the afternoon…

Agias Sofias st. (vertical to Tsimiski st.) has been recently pedestrianized experimentally, thus creating one more beautiful shopping area where you can find some local brands with a very good value for money concept. Don’t forget to take your time and have a coffee in one of the plenty cafes around, where you can relax in a quite environment in Thessaloniki city center shopping area.

Have dinner at…

The Old City (Ano Polis), in which many notable examples of Ottoman and traditional Macedonian architecture still stand, alongside humble dwellings put up by the refugees who reached Thessaloniki in droves, after the Greek defeat in Asia Minor, in 1922.

Spend an evening by the fire with a glass of retsina (traditional Greek wine). Tsinari neighbourhood is one of the most prominent and charming parts of Ano Poli and is full of traditional buildings and nice taverns. The feeling that you get when you walk through the alleys of Tsinari is that you’re wandering around another city at another time!

Spend the next day…

Visit Thessaloniki's Byzantine monuments

Thessaloniki, with its host of Byzantine monuments (due to it’s significance during the Byzantine period), justifiably is considered an open-air museum of Byzantine art. Wandering through the city, it is worthwhile to see:    
  • The churches of Acheiropoietos (5th century) a three-aisled, timber-roofed basilica, the Holy Wisdom of God (Hagia Sophia) (7th century), the Panaghia (Virgin) Chalkeon (1028), Hosios David (12th century), St Panteleemon (late 13th or the early 14th century), is of four-columned cross-in-square type, Ayioi Apostoloi (1310-1314),Taxiarches (14th century), Panagouda a three-aisled basilica with significant icons, Agios  Ioannis Prodromos (Nymphaion),Vlatadon monastery a 14th century foundation of which only the katholikon and two cisterns within the precinct survive, Ayios Demetrios a splendid basilica dedicated to the patron saint and protector of the city, etc. 
  • The byzantine walls of the city.
  • The archaeological site in 3 Septemvriou St., with remnants of a cemetery basilica, a martyrion and Early Christian graves.
  • The byzantine bathhouse (late thirteenth century).
  • The Heptapyrgion castle was raised in stages, from the early years of the Byzantine Age into the Ottoman period.

Amazing Ottoman monuments
  • The White Tower (15th century), the hallmark of the city.
  • The Mosques of the Hamza Bey Cami (15th century), the Aladja Imaret Cami (1484) and the Yeni Cami  (1902).
  • Hamams (turkish bathhouses): The Pazar Hamam (15th century), the Pasha Hamam (15th century), Bey Hamam (16th century), Yeni Hamam and the Yahudi Hamam.
  • Bezesteni, a rectangular building with lead-covered domes and four entraces was built in the late fifteenth century and operated as a cloth market. 

Discover neighborhoods and focal points in the city

The traditional markets: the Modiano, which is housed in a rectangular building of 1922, with pedimented facade and glass roof; the Kapani or Vlalis market; Athonos Square and etc. 

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