Monday, February 24, 2020

Still dreaming about a beach house?

Beach rentslas Greece

 Rent it, Don't Buy it!

We are really wondering if there is a person in the world who does not dream of owning a home on the beach. Dreams are achievable. Why invest in something that is only used during your vacation?The easiest thing to do is to rent this property in the summer, the most wonderful time to enjoy the sun and the waves.. A place make you feel like home.

Beach rentslas Greece
Beach rentslas Greece

How much does this pleasure cost?

In the "high" season - in July and August, prices are always much higher because of the huge demand. For a 3-5 bedrooms villa on the seafront, prices start from 600-900 + euros per night, depending on the services it offers, the condition of the property, the area and the beach where it is located.
* Statistics show that the average price for a room in a mid-range hotel on the beach during the season in Greece is around 200 euros per night.

beach villa Greece

The benefits:

- sun beds and umbrellas at your disposal for free.
- direct access from the house to the beach and the garden. Is very convenient for families with children who just go running from the yard to the kitchen and find their breakfast, fruit, ice cream, juice, and return back to the beach.

- Adults also enjoy free coffee from the coffee machine, cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day. Many villas also have outdoor "kitchens" equipped with additional refrigerators, which are ideal for many, many beers! :)

- lunch or dinner - one of the easiest things is to put a a fresh fish or a delicious steak (pre-ordered and delivered on site) on the garden barbecue without having to change your clothes ( have to go to a restaurant). Moms' in this case will be very happy. There will be no need to bathe and dress the children separately for each meal, nor to prepare ourselfs for every dinner (we, the women know how long it takes to prepare  :)). Drink, eat and enjoy the beach view under the shade of your pergola. That's why life is great in the Mediterranean.

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Villa Eliza

- you do not need to drive several times a day to reach the villages. We all know how many congestion and parking problems there are during the season in the most visited villages such as Pefkohori, Hanioti, Nikiti, Vourvourou. Most of our villas are within walking distance of the supermarket, town and local shops. Very often there is a "on-site delivery" service from local gnorocery stores, shops, restaurants.

- privacy and independence: children can play safely in the yard and in front of it, on the beach. They don't need  to be constantly controled by an adult looking for them ( as in large hotel complexes full of people). You don't lose the sight of your child, and this adds relaxation and serenity to your vacation. One of your children can sleep in the bedroom and the other can play in the yard or on the beach in front of your house with the others. You yourself can gather in the evening and have your drinks in a relaxing setting in the garden and around the pool, listening to the waves of the sea while your children sleep.

- If you are a group of friends without children or couples you do not need to keep track of breakfast hours. You can wake up later and have a delicious brunch overlooking the sea. And then enjoy the waves.

- Some of the villas can offer have their own beach. And access to it is only from the villa, and the neighboring ones, which adds value and quality to your vacation. Your neighbors are either villa owners or have rented these villas. Far from the hustle and bustle of the beaches, you will really enjoy true peace during your vacation.

villa Nikiti - 6 bedrooms

Our villas offer privacy and privacy, but there is always a staff at your disposal to take care of your cleanliness and comfort during your vacation. If you are a group of friends or couples - this is the perfect place for you.

Why do people increasingly prefer a villa vacation instead of a big hotel? This is indeed the trend for the last few years and continues to be for the next. There are many reasons. One is that vacationers need real privacy and greater closeness with loved ones - family and friends, and especially their children. In a fast-paced daily life, we have less and less time to spend with our loved ones. Renting a villa is a way to be closer to nature, the beach, the locals ... and especially our loved ones.